The LAUNCH CODE® Speed System

The LAUNCH CODE® Speed System

The LAUNCH CODE® Speed System


The LAUNCH CODE® Speed System Includes:

  • The LAUNCH CODE® Overspeed Trainer. The ONLY overspeed trainer on the market that allows you to train with your own driver shaft for better results and transference to the course.
  • The X3 Swing Trainer (training rope, resistance band, and door anchor). Develop more force at different points in your swing and learn how to swing with efficiency and rhythm.
  • Full access to all video training and protocols on the web and lifetime access to our free training app (coming December 2023).

Why use the LAUNCH CODE Overspeed Trainer and your own driver shaft for training? Great question, here's why:

  • You picked your grip and shaft for a reason. You like the size and texture of your grip and the weight and flex of your shaft, right? You wouldn't have spent all that money on it if you didn't. So why train with something you won't game with? Not only does this make training more transferable to your real game, it allows the training to truly be customized to the exact setup your going to use when it's time to tee off.  The training and transfer of speed are both physical and mental.
  • Custom training parameters for your clubhead, not the whole club. At the end of the day, we swing the clubhead into the ball. With our trainer, we can train to swing it faster with weight parameters designed for it specifically.
  • A free training app (coming out in December 2023) that walks you through the training process, customizes your training based on where you're at now and your gains as you train, and allows you to track your speeds over time.
  • You have enough clubs in your bag, why add another? The trainer fits in a small case and takes up barely any room.

Set up is simple and takes under a minute.

One of the most asked questions is: "Will it break my driver shaft or adapter?"  Easy answer, no! We've taken great care to match the correct screw size, protect your adapter with a rubber insert, and last we checked, swinging into the air won't do much damage.  Just don't hit a golf cart with it!

FREE year long training program included AND our custom training and tracking app is almost complete (October 2023)!  It'll be free too.

Take the leap and start gaining real distance.

Included in set:

  • Training head
  • Insert and screw for your specific driver model
  • One set of 15 training rings
  • Carrying case. 
  • Free access to our custom training app (October 2023)


    If not listed, we currently don't offer a fitting option for your driver.

    **If you're not sure your model is covered, shoot us an email at**

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    Dennis L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Launch Code Review

    Completing my sixth week. I like the system and have recommended it to others. Easy to implement as part of a regular practice session. I don’t have a launch monitor so unable to obtain objective data. Process becomes pricey when you factor in this additional purchase cost.

    Girish P.
    Canada Canada

    Good service

    Shipping and ordering process was prompt. Haven’t used the product long enough, but the setup and Programming has been quiet simple to follow

    Evan B.
    United States United States

    Excellent Product!!

    Easy way to gain distance. Worth the money.

    JOE O.
    United States United States

    Excited to see how it translates to the course.

    Being a golf performance coach myself, I was very intrigued to see something different on the market in terms of overspeed training. Overall, I think the product is a great investment, specifically for overspeed training..

    John G.
    United States United States

    Speed and Efficiency

    I really believe that speed training has not only helped me in getting obviously faster clubhead speeds, but in my efforts to hit higher top end speeds, I've created a more efficient swing path as well.

    the launch code® Speed system


    increase your base SPEED

    Our patented training head and ring weight system allows us to adjust training weights both up and down over time. Training weights need to change to challenge your body to continue to get faster. Without it, it's a lot like just lifting the same dumbbell over and over....eventually development stops.


    Other swing speed training systems limit your training options to ONLY training for pure speed.  However, swinging faster is about more than just moving faster.  It also requires the body to turn that speed into forces throughout various positions in the swing. With the X3 trainer, you'll train to increase your force production at these key points in the swing, allowing you to move your new found speed more explosively.


    An often overlooked part of swing speed and power is the efficiency and tempo at which a swing moves.  Out of sync movements don't have the proper sequencing to impart speed and force at the correct times.  This leads to speed and power leaks. With the X3 swing rope and Tempo Training app, you can develop a more sequenced and rhythmic swing allowing you to realize ALL of the power in your swing.

    but wait, there's a fourth key as well.
    We call it "transference".

    One of the best parts about our training system is the patented design of our overspeed trainer.  It's the only speed trainer on the market that allows you to use your own driver shaft and grip for training.  Why does this matter?  It comes down to one word "TRANSFERENCE".  So, what does that mean?  Well, it involves transferring the training and speed gains from overspeed training to your actual swing on the course.

    With other overspeed trainers, you're forced to use their driver shaft and grip.  This can often lead to a lack of "realized" results on the course. Why?  Well, there's a number of reasons so let's go through them.


    You chose both for a number of reasons.

    • The size, weight, and texture of a grip can affect your swing speed and feel.
    • The length, weight, and flex of a shaft can affect your swing speed and feel.
    • Playing golf and being comfortable with your clubs isn't just about the physical aspects, it's psychological as well. Utilizing a grip and shaft your comfortable with makes a huge difference in both ways.

    This is why we see so many golfers use our product AND actually take their results to the course...because training with your own driver transfers better when it's time to tee it up.

    take your training to the next level
    Training app coming in Early December 2023!

    About us image

    enhance your training


    Easy Access at your fingertips

    Forget trying to figure out which webpage has the right training level. Just open up the app and your next session is ready to begin.

    stay on top of your training

    Your speed training program will be completely laid out, with training and rest days, to easily follow along. Finish a session and mark it complete to stay on track. Or if you need to take a break, press pause on your program and come back to the same spot.


    Log your training and driver swing speeds while you train to see exactly how you're progressing over time.  Enter your swing speeds manually or by voice entry.

    curious how adding more speed can lower your scores? watch and find out.