LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer

LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer

LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer



Increase Your Swing Speed With Multiple Modalities

The LAUNCH CODE X3 Swing Trainer and programming was designed to help every golfer develop better tempo, efficiency, quality of strike, and speed.  The X3 Swing Trainer is easy to use and actually improves golfers games by removing "mechanical instruction” from learning and instead focusing on self-organization of the golf swing, developing key feels, and the development of speed and power movements at crucial points in the swing.

Improve Your Swing Sequencing for a More Rhythmic and Efficient Swing

One of the beautiful things about simplifying the learning process, is that it tends to accelerate it. Training with the X3 Swing Trainer is simple and that's why it works so well.

As you go through our program and start swinging your trainer, you'll start to notice your body beginning to self-organize around your movements.  The X3 trainer delivers immediate and easily understood feedback, leading to improved tempo and efficiency WITHOUT the need for constant mechanical instruction.

Our training program will have you working on full swings with the training rope, single arm swings, as well as swings focused on improving swing speed and hand speed drills.

Increase Your Strength, Speed, and Power with PULSE Training

Developing dynamic movement for hitting and striking sports, like golf, requires learning how to move like an athlete and one thing all great hitting and striking athletes have is the ability to pulse their muscles at the right time leading to speed and power. We work on pulsing at the three key phases in a golf swing: the backswing, downswing, and impact. Practicing these three key moves with intent and fast pulse movements will allow you to transfer them into your golf game more easily and with better results.

On top of working on developing a more powerful swing by practicing the movements at the right time, pulse training is also a great upper body and core workout in it’s own right.

Using the X3 Trainer for pulse training is simple and can be done utilizing the door anchor or by attaching the resistance band to some other anchor at home or the gym.

Learn The Proper Positions And Movements At The 3 Main Positions In Your Swing

On top of pulse training, the X3 trainer’s unique rope and band combination doubles as a great teaching tool. You’ll learn and feel how the body should move in the big three phases of every great swing: takeaway, downswing, and impact.  Specifically, you’ll understand how dynamic movement can give you an effortless backswing, how the hands move and do “work” on the club at the beginning of the downswing, and how the hands work together, but in opposite ways during the downswing and at impact.

With these key feels, you’ll learn how to address a whole host of swing issues like:

  • Wrist rolling and/or early arm lift in the backswing
  • Over the top or severe in to out downswing movements
  • Severe pulling or casting of the club during the downswing
  • The role of the hands and how they work together, but in opposite ways to create a good impact and release

Train Anywhere, At Any Time

With its carry case and small footprint, the X3 Swing trainer is a great travel companion and can be used outside or indoors no matter what time if the year it is.

What's included with the X3 Swing Trainer: swing training rope, lightweight resistance band, door anchor, carry bag, and free access to the training program.

Check out the X3 Training Program HERE.