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The Junior LAUNCH CODE® Overspeed Trainer

The Junior LAUNCH CODE® Overspeed Trainer

The Junior LAUNCH CODE® Overspeed Trainer


Starting speed training early is incredibly important for junior golfers looking to develop to their maximum potential.  Speed limits are set early on in a junior golfer’s career and without training for speed, junior golfers may never reach their peak speed and skill set.  With the Junior LAUNCH CODE™ Overspeed Trainer and our junior specific training programs, your golfer will have fun developing their athletic skills while learning to create speed, power, and coordination.

Depending on your junior golfer's current club length, you can purchase the Junior LAUNCH CODE™ Overspeed Trainer with one, two, or three different length shafts ranging from 32 to 40 inches. THIS is the beauty of our patented design.  No more having to buy a whole new set when your junior golfer outgrows their previous overspeed training set! All you have to do is swap out the old shaft for a longer shaft. 

The same goes for the training weights as well.  As your junior golfer grows, they'll need to up their training weights to meet the physical demands of their newer clubs.  With the Junior LAUNCH CODE™ Overspeed Trainer there's no need to buy a new set with a heavier weighting system.  Just adjust the weighting to fit your juniors needs with our easy to use ring weight system. 

The flexibility in our Junior set is incredible and will last your junior golfer from their junior years all the way in to adulthood when they purchase a more standard adult sized adjustable driver.  That's right, once your junior golfer graduates to an adult sized driver, they can continue to use the LAUNCH CODE Overspeed Trainer training head and weights!  All they'll need to do is to make sure they have the correct inserts and screws for their driver and they're ready to continue training. This is a lifetime of training!

We include inserts and screws for all adjustable drivers in the junior package. However, depending on when you purchased your junior package, there may have been some updates.  Just shoot us an email and we'll let ya know if you need some updated inserts and screws.


To figure out which size(s) you should purchase, you’ll need to measure your juniors current driver if you don’t already know the length.  You'll find a picture in our product photo's showing you how to measure the length if you need help.

Once you know your juniors club length, it’s time to decide which length(s) you’ll need.  Please view the chart in the product pictures for our recommendations.

You’ll notice that for some lengths, such as 34 inches, we recommend either the 32-inch or 36-inch shaft length.  We recommend considering your juniors current time in their club and whether they may be moving up soon.  If so, go with the longer length.

If you purchase the 32 or 36 inch shaft and want your junior to be able to continue training, make sure to get the next one or two sizes up.  For example: if your junior needs the 36 inch shaft, go ahead and get the two pack with the 40 inch shaft for the future.  Overspeed training doesn't have to stop as your junior grows!

Included in each set:

  • Training head
  • Shaft selection(s) with adapter/insert/screw/locking washer (includes all screws for all driver adapters as well)
  • Set of 15 training rings
  • Carrying case  
  • NOT INCLUDED: standard golf driver screwdriver (torx screwdriver).
*All the junior sets come with an additional locking washer to ensure the unit stays together.  We always recommend juniors be supervised when training with our product.  We also recommend always checking the screw prior to every training session just to ensure it is in place and secure.