Online coaching is a great way to improve your golf game, whether you live in another city, have scheduling issues that prevent in person coaching, or you just like going about improvement on your own. Getting started is simple.  All you need is internet access and the ability to record your swing.

While we recommend completing at least a couple of months of remote coaching to cover all of your game improvement needs, we offer plans that range from a single review session, all the way to six reviews per month.

Coaching doesn't stop at swing reviews either.  I'll help you develop your skills and give you plenty of help honing in your playing ability from a skill and strategy standpoint and even give you practice advice.

We utilize the CoachNow app for our training host.  CoachNow offers coaches and players the opportunity to record and share videos, optimize feedback, and streamline communication.  When you order a package, we'll send you a link for download and connect within 24 hours.

"Online coaching is like having a coach in your pocket 24/7, 365.  It's ideal for those on the go and players looking to work with coaches across the world."



  • Select your performance package below.
  • Check your email for your welcome package with further instructions.
  • Download the CoachNow app and connect to Greg Baresel.
  • Complete the game assessment located sent to you in the welcome email so I can find out what your goals are, review your game analysis, and give you a specific player development plan.
  • Upload your swing videos to CoachNow app.  I'll review your swing within two business days and upload your personal analysis video to CoachNow.
  • After purchase, unlimited messaging can be done through the CoachNow app until your month is up. (*Not included with Single Review Package.)


A three-time Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Greg is also one of Golf Digest's Best Teachers in Illinois. He was recognized by the Illinois PGA in 2017 for his work coaching juniors by winning the Youth Player Development Award and has been awarded High School Coach of the Year twice.

"Proper training and practice are the foundations of success. I offer a unique approach that elevates all my athletes to achieve their goals. I train each individual to focus on the key elements for success, which are technique, strategy and awareness."

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