Overspeed training has been a proven method of increasing speed within many sports over the years. The basic premise behind overspeed training is that we are getting the body to move at a faster than normal speed during a specific motor pattern. In the case of us golfers, each one of us has our own unique set speed for the neuro-muscular response when we make a golf swing. This is our current speed limit and in order to increase its speed, we need to reset it. Yes, the mind truly is a governor of speed in the body!

In order to begin the reset process, first we increase the speed with which we make a golf swing. To do this we reduce the “load”, or in this case, the weight of the club, in order for the body to move faster. Our programming involves gradually changing the exercise focus and weight parameters of the club in order to teach our neuromuscular system that the body can run the motor pattern even faster. Doing this consistently over and over during training makes the speed gains permanent and part of our new nueromuscular response to swinging a golf club.

For most golfers, yes! Overspeed training can work for any golfer, no matter the age or skill level. However, there are those golfers out there who may not see the results they are expecting or who aren't good candidates for overspeed training at this time.

Those golfers already completing overspeed training with another system may or may not see results with our product depending on where they are at in the current program they are completing. However, we believe our product is still an excellent option to continue training with in the long term due to it's portability and customization options. As well as those completing another program, golfers who may already be at their peak speed levels may not see the results they hope for.

Additionally, this type of training isn't typically a good fit for golfers who may have below average strength or mobility for their age. This program involves very fast and explosive swing training and could possibly injure someone not physically able to handle swinging in such a manner. We would always recommend any golfer with any physical limitations or concerns to speak with their doctor before starting training. We would recommend golfers lacking average strength and mobility to start with a a strength and mobility training program first and then progress to overspeed training with the help of a professional trainer and/or golf coach. This is the best way to move forward from a health and swing speed gains perspective, as starting training without having the proper strength or mobility levels will certainly hamper results.

Ideally, two days per week is best. Various outside studies have shown no additional gains in speed with a third training day each week. Adding an additional 35+ swings a week adds up overtime and can lead to injury and improper rest. With our adjustable weight system and creative programming you’ll get great results with just two days a week.

Typical speed gains will average around 4-7% for the first jump in speed. This will take roughly 8 weeks to normalize and make permanent. Through the next two months you will go through a plateau where your speed will roughly stay the same. Then somewhere around month 4 thru 6 you should see another speed gain of roughly 3-4%. Again, you'll plateau. At this point, we recommend making a decision. You can continue and move on to the higher level exercises, in which the next jump will take roughly 6 to 8 months to see any speed gains. Or, you can maintain at this level. At this level you've probably gained on average 7-11% swing speed increase.

For every 1 mph of swing speed gained you can expect roughly 2.5 yds of distance with the driver. Don’t forget, the increase in swing speed won’t be seen only in the driver. You can expect speed gains in all your clubs, with an average of 1.5 yds per mph for your wedges, progressively moving up about .1 yds per club as you move towards the driver.

Swinging from your opposite side was thought to help develop balance and greater efficiency. However, outside studies have shown no correlation between doing opposite side swings and higher swing speed gains. If you’re looking to develop opposite side speed and strength, one of our fitness programs will go much farther in getting you there.

There are many ways you can document your swing speed before, during, and after training. We always recommend starting our training programs knowing exactly where you are with your driver swing speed and periodically checking it at different intervals during training.

High end launch monitors such as Flightscope, Trackman, or Foresight are always great to use if you have access to them. If not, there are many affordable options you can purchase, many of which we have listed on our recommended swing speed radars page HERE. While it is not required for you to have a way to document training speeds in order to see outstanding results, it helps some people to see the numbers and pushes them to swing even faster.

Training locations are up to you. This can be done anywhere there is space. We recommend having something soft underneath the swing area just in case you accidentally hit the ground. Always make sure you aren’t swinging towards or around someone else.

You have two options: utilizing our official training and driver speed tracking app or utilizing our website and the appropriate training program. All purchases include free access through our website. To utilize our training and tracking app, you'll need to upgrade to do so. Whether you are planning on using the website program pages or upgrading to the app, you can click HERE to learn more about both.

Never force yourself to complete any exercise that causes pain or makes you uncomfortable. Safety always comes first. If you have any lingering physical issues, we recommend seeking advice from your doctor prior to training.

In short, this is because of the way our energy systems in our body work. Specifically, we are talking about the ATP-PC system. This energy system provides our muscles with the most power because it does so more quickly than other energy systems. It is the first power system our body goes to. The problem, it only lasts for 10-15 seconds before we start seeing power outputs decrease and it needs rest to replenish itself.

We want our power capacity to be as close to 100% as possible during our training so we get the most speed possible with EVERY swing. If we continue training past the depletion of our ATP-PC system, past 10-15 seconds (or 4-5 swings) we start training endurance as opposed to power and while over time our programming will absolutely help your endurance, that is not the goal of speed training. This is why it so important to rest for 2 minutes in between training sets. QUALITY of reps is the most important thing when it comes to swing speed training. So make sure you are resting in between sets!.

Absolutely. However, we do recommend that you do our training prior to any other training to ensure you are getting the most rested and explosive training possible. Of course, always warm-up first!

This depends on how long you’ve taken off. A couple of weeks, just hop back in where you left off and add an extra week to the training phase you’re in. A couple months or more, go ahead and restart the program from the beginning.

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