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inventor and owner

As a young boy, I remembered playing golf occasionally with my grandfather and father. As I got older, my grandfather, who was a marshal every year at the The Players Championship, set me up with the opportunity to be a standard bearer during the championship. My obsession with golf started then.

I've worked in just about every position within the golf industry and I've taken my own game from shooting in the 100's down to a scratch level, with my lowest score ever of a 69.  I became obsessed with the ins and outs of performance and all of the intricacies of becoming a better golfer.

As I got older and set in a career in management, my love for the game and creative abilities pulled me back towards the game and set me on a path to creating our patented overspeed trainer.  The rest is history.

  • M.Ed. in Sport Administration
  • TPI Certified - Level 1 and Golf Level 2
  • Certified Personal Trainer

our mission at LAUNCH CODE®

We believe in the power of speed. In being able to move fast. In freeing golfers up to swing, efficiently, quickly, and powerfully.

Swinging faster means more distance with every club and distance is a distinct advantage in the game of golf. It means playing golf and hitting the hell out of the ball. This is the mission of LAUNCH CODE®.  Building more efficient, faster, and powerful golf swings to make the game and life more enjoyable.

Since the beginning of my obsession with the game of golf, I have studied the games and swings of the greatest golfers from our generation and generations past.  I've broken down the philosophies and principles of golf's most regarded teachers and learned everything I can about the human body and how it moves. Over the last 15 years I have become an expert in the science of how the body works on a physical and neuromuscular level in order to understand the golf swing and the game at every level. That learning has gone into every LAUNCH CODE® product, products I know you'll love from the very first time you try them.

I’m so thankful you came by. If you have any questions about our products, our company or what we're building with our programs, I’m always available to answer questions.

You can reach me directly HERE.

Matt Snyder
Creator of LAUNCH CODE®