Hi golfers.

I'm Matt Snyder, the owner of LAUNCH CODE® Golf Performance.  This company and its products have come to fruition after years of searching for the perfect way for me to combine my passion for golf, my need to create, and ever burgeoning desire to create my own path in the world. 

I can promise you, I do not take the responsibility of providing quality products and service lightly.  This company is the culmination of years of studying the game, the golf swing, and various other disciplines associated with the game of golf.  My professional career in the golf industry includes working in just about every facet of the public and private club sector and within the junior golf ranks as a tournament director and marketing assistant for one of the largest junior golf tours in the US.  I have studied the great golfers and teachers of our generation and generations past and understand the golf swing and the game at every possible level. I am TPI certified in their base level, as well as Golf Level 2 and am certified as a personal trainer through the AFPA.  I am always learning and will continue to do so, in order to always bring our customers, the best information available.

Through our products, my only hope is to help all of you become better golfers and have more fun while playing this beautiful game.


Matt Snyder