LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer

$22.49 $29.99 saving $7.50
LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer

LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer

$22.49 $29.99 saving $7.50
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Are you struggling with speed and accuracy?

Do you want more speed and accuracy to help lower your scores?

Are you tired of systems promising results but not delivering on the course?

With the LAUNCH CODE® X3 Swing Trainer you can improve your tempo and increase your swing speed and distance throughout the bag.  Through a combination of force and tempo training, you'll develop a swing built for speed, distance, lower scores, and more fun.

Get rid of swing faults and develop explosive power with one small but powerful training system.


Who doesn’t envy the tempo of a great golfer’s swing? Outside of it looking impressive, why does it matter? It comes down to one thing, swing sequencing. Swings without rhythm typically lack the proper sequencing needed to use the body’s natural speed booster, called the stretch-shorten-cycle. Additionally, being out of sequence tends to lead to compensations that come in the form of swing faults.  By utilizing the tempo training rope and LAUNCH CODE® Tempo App you’ll start to develop proper sequencing and use your body more efficiently, which results in less swing faults while adding speed and accuracy to every shot.


All swing speeds require force, but faster ones require more of it and at a faster rate. Study after study has found the one physical characteristic consistently linked to high clubhead speeds is the ability to pulse your muscles and create force FAST. These short but intense banded workouts will help you develop the neurological adaptations needed to recruit more fast twitch muscles fibers during your swing, leading to faster force production, and more swing speed.


With its carry case and small footprint, the X3 Swing trainer is a great travel companion and can be used outside or indoors no matter what time if the year it is.

What's included with the X3 Swing Trainer: swing training rope, lightweight resistance band, door anchor, carry bag, and free access to the training program and LAUNCH CODE® Tempo Training app.

Check out the X3 Training Program HERE.